Basswood Louvre Shutters | Interior Shutters to enhance your home
Transform your home with Aspect Living's stunning collection of timber shutters.

Each shutter is meticulously crafted to bring sophistication and warmth to your living space. Our shutters are crafted from high-quality hardwoods, ensuring durability and timeless elegance. Whether you seek to enhance the cozy atmosphere of your bedroom or elevate the charm of your dining area or kitchen, Aspect Living's timber shutters offer the perfect balance of style and functionality. Experience unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional light control with our exquisite timber shutters.


Basswood Shutters:

Discover the essence of quality with our Basswood Timber Shutters, crafted to perfection for your home. Each panel undergoes precise kiln-drying, ensuring durability and strength tailored to our climate.

Enjoy the effortless elegance of lightweight panels that hang true, bringing balance and style to any room. From cosy bedrooms to lively kitchens, our shutters provide insulation and light control for every space.

Choose from a range of paint colours and wood stains to suit your style. With Basswood Shutters, your home becomes a timeless focal point, radiating warmth and sophistication effortlessly.

Styles: Hinged, Sliding and Track Bifold

Please note: These shutters are not water resistant. For a water-resistant option check out our Polymer shutters – perfect for areas like bathrooms

Cedar Shutters:

Experience the timeless beauty of Cedar with our stunning hardwood shutters, featuring a natural wood grain finish in light, medium, and dark tones. Perfect for windows and doors, our cedar shutters offer versatility with a wide range of paint and lacquer options to match your style. They're 30% lighter than basswood, painted with UV-resistant, eco-friendly, water-based paint for your peace of mind.

Renowned for its balance and stability, cedar is resistant to warping, bowing, or twisting, making it ideal for your home. With thermal and acoustic properties, it enhances your interior while resisting water damage.

Styles: Hinged panels, bi-fold, sliding, café, and tier on tier options, tailored to fit French doors, bay windows, and unique shapes.

White Teak Heritage

A harmonious fusion of sophistication and strength our White Teak shutters are favored by homeowners and designers alike. Renowned for its resilience and dimensional stability, they stand out as an ideal material for crafting shutter designs that transcend both tradition and modernity. Its exceptional resistance to decay and damage ensures enduring performance, even in the most demanding environments.

With its smooth grain and consistent texture, White Teak serves as a versatile canvas for various finishes, seamlessly complementing any interior style. From residential sanctuaries to bustling commercial settings, these shutters embody elegance and functionality.

Featuring bevelled blades and our patented Supatilt, these shutters offer enhanced versatility and visual appeal. Engineered stiles and reinforced mortise and tenon joints ensure longevity, making White Teak Heritage Shutters a sustainable investment in both style and durability.


Elevate your space with our Paulownia shutters, offering a perfect blend of sustainability and style. Crafted from the fastest-growing and ecologically friendly timber on the market, these shutters provide exceptional insulation properties, making them ideal for any room in your home.

Please Note: While suitable for bathrooms, direct contact with water or heavy condensation should be avoided.

Rustic Paulownia

Step into a world of coastal charm and rustic sophistication with Rustic Paulownia shutters. Crafted to infuse your space with relaxed elegance, these shutters are the epitome of laid-back style. Despite their lightweight design, they offer exceptional insulation properties, ensuring both eco-friendliness and durability without compromise.

With natural grain and texture, Rustic Paulownia exudes distinctive rustic appeal, customizable with our range of finishes for your desired look. Popular among homeowners and businesses alike, these shutters bring warmth and character to any setting.

Not just visually stunning, Rustic Paulownia shutters are designed for optimal functionality. Tailored to fit unique window shapes and sizes, they offer flexibility in design and application. Choose from various blade sizes and closure systems for precise light and privacy control, effortlessly marrying style with practicality.

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