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Beehive Honeycomb Blinds

Simple, beautiful and energy-efficient.

Often known as 'honeycomb' blinds, the unique cell-like structure helps prevent heat loss through your windows making them an ideal window covering choice. Beehive blinds keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer complementing your present home heating and cooling. Along with improving the energy efficiency of your home, beehive blinds are also beautiful to look at.

The fabric is made from high-quality polyester and comes in 25mm and 45mm single-cell sizes. Available in 33 classic and contemporary colours, fabric range options include sheer, light filtering and blockout.

The extensive range of colours, fabrics and configurations ensure you can choose the perfect combination for your home.

Heat loss prevention

Honeycomb blinds are efficient window coverings to help reduce heat loss during winter.


Lower them from the top or raise them from the bottom, ensuring you can enjoy natural light and privacy at the same time.

Easy to use and safe

The cordless option gives you peace-of-mind by eliminating traditional cords which can be a potential hazard around kids and pets.

Elegant design

When fully drawn, beehive window blinds take up little headroom in your window. That slim profile design will make the most of those views out your window.

Extensive range of colours

Beehive fabric is made from high-quality polyester and comes in 25mm and 45mm single-cell sizes. With 33 options to choose from, fabrics available match most interior décor.

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  • Bottom Up – These operate like a traditional blind where you draw the shades up or down to regulate the light in the room.
  • Day and Night Blind – The clever combination brings together the best of sheer and blockout fabrics in one blind. You can control the light in different conditions, while keeping your privacy at the same time.
  • Skylight Blind – provides light control solution and insulation for skylights. You can select from light filtering or blockout fabrics.
  • Top Down and Bottom Up – This option gives you the ultimate flexibility in controlling your privacy and the incoming light. You can lift from the bottom as you would a traditional blind, or you can lower them from the top to let sunlight in from above while maintaining your privacy.


  • Fabric: 25mm and 45mm single cell pockets
  • Fabric Options: Light Filtering, Sheer and Blockout
  • Head and Bottom Rails
  • Clear operating handle (for cordless blinds)


  • Installation items included: brackets and screws


  • Cord control – We can place the drawcord on either the left or right-hand side of your beehive blind.
  • Cordless system – The absence of a cord provides peace of mind and a more child and pet safety blind. This sees you easily adjust the blind by moving its handle. Available in 25mm fabric options only.
  • Motorised – Experience the convenience of opening and closing your blinds at a touch of a button. Motorised control is available in 25mm and 45mm bottom up and 25mm skylight blinds.

Beehive Colour Options

  • 25mm Sheer Series
    • Alabaster
    • Pearl
    • Ebony
  • 25mm Light Filtering
    • Cloud
    • Concrete
    • Granite
    • Cotton
    • Ecru
    • Cocoa
  • 25mm Blockout
    • Mist
    • Stone
    • Slate
    • Raven
    • Sand
    • Fawn
    • Earth
  • 45mm Sheer Series
    • Ice
    • Oyster
    • Coal
  • 45mm Light Filtering
    • Cloud
    • Ivory
    • Sesame
    • Pebble
    • Dove Grey
    • Pitch
  • 45mm Blockout
    • Mist
    • Butter
    • Latte
    • Mushroom
    • Pepper
    • Petrol
    • Denim
    • Onyx

Care Instructions

  • Regular light dusting with a feather duster is all the cleaning that is needed in most circumstances.
  • For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment

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