Blockout Roller Blinds


Our blockout roller blinds/ blackout blinds are a popular stylish window covering. These made-to-measure blackout shades keep light out in daytime and heat in at night saving power.

Ideal for sleeping during the day

These blockout roller blinds have special light-blocking properties, ensuring unwelcome light is kept out. They are ideal for shift workers or those who sleep during the day - especially in the summer months - or parents who want their children to sleep in the early evening or through to late morning.

Blackout blinds with great insulation to save heating costs

These blackout blinds conserve heat at night, retaining the warmth generated by wood burners, gas or electric heaters, heat pumps, or DVS systems. They can also keep things cool indoors during the summer months, saving cooling costs.

Chic designer colours and textures to match a wide range of decor

Our blackout custom blinds can cater for classic or contemporary, subtle or bold, in light or dark colours to work with any space.

Easy smooth operation with motorized blind option

If you're looking for electric motorized blinds, you can buy roller blinds from us fitted with efficient JAI motorization systems. They are smooth and easy to open, close, and adjust being set at the exact position required.

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Key Features

  • Hard wearing and dirt-resistant fabric blinds
  • Aluminium top profile
  • Chain sidewinder, with optional chain colours
  • Round, oval, or flat bottom rail has optional colours
  • Suits inside (reveal) or outside (face-fit) mounts
  • Easy to lift, installed in minutes with complete instructions
  • Perfect fit roller blinds based on your measurements


Roller blind size

  • Minimum width: 400mm
  • Maximum width: 3,000mm (wider available upon request)
  • Maximum drop: 2,700mm (longer available upon request)
  • Sill depth required for inside (reveal) mount roller blinds:
    • For 38mm tube: 63mm with max drop of fabric
    • For 45mm tube: 70mm with max drop of fabric
  • Linking (side by side):
    • Max for 2 linked roller blinds: 5,000mm width x 2,500mm drop
    • Max for 3 linked roller blinds: 7,500mm width x 2,500mm drop
  • Chain:
    • Standard size is two thirds of drop but any length available on request
    • Plastic, stainless, and steel continuous loop sizes – 700mm, 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1,600mm, 2,000mm

Roller blind components

  • Fabric:
    • Hard wearing and dirt-resistant
    • Blockout: total light and UV block for NZ conditions
    • Fire Retardant: AS 1530.3.1999, complies with the general requirements of Building Code of Australia for material properties: (ignitability, index 14 /20, spread of flame, index 9/10, heat evolved, index 3/10, smoke developed, index 6/10
    • Shaw
  • Chain:
    • Continuous loop (no joiner)
    • Colours: black, white, ivory, grey, silver, or stainless steel
  • Base rail:
    • Shapes: round, oval, or flat
    • Colour options: anodised, black, pearl bronze, grey, ivory, and white
  • Top rail:
    • Heavy duty 38mm aluminium top rail for roller blinds up to 4m2 area
    • Extra strength 45mm top rail for roller blinds over 4m2
    • Roller blinds over 3m wide require ultra strength top rail at special price - available upon request
    • Retractable pin: allows for easy fitting and gives approx 2mm comfort factor when fitting roller blinds
  • Spring Assist: used in roller blinds over 4m2 in area to ease lifting
  • Brackets: colour: white, ivory, black, or grey

Roller blind installation

  • Installation items included: brackets, screws, safety chain holder, chain stops, and child safety components
  • Easy to lift, angle, fit, and install with simple instructions provided

Roller blind operation

  • Chain controls: choice of left or right hand side
  • Roll direction:
    • Back-rolled standard for outside mounted roller blinds to keep fabric close to window
    • Front-rolled standard for inside mounted roller blinds to avoid obstruction of knobs, handles, and winders'

Roller blind cleaning

  • Remove dust from roller blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  • Clean roller blinds with sponge or soft brush dipped in soapy water, then rinse with clean water, and leave roller blind down until completely dry
  • Do not scrub or use solvents or any abrasive substance that might damage the coating of the roller blind fabric.