Measuring for Roller Blinds

You will need

  • Steel measuring tape (for accurate figures) in millimetres (mm)
  • Pen and paper to record your measurements

When taking your measurements, ensure tape is straight and tight. Don't add any extra margins as we will do that for you, so take exact measurements.

Inside Mounted

Inside-mounted roller blinds are normally front-rolled - so fabric rolls off the front of the roller tube to avoid obstruction from knobs, handles, winders, etc. For a flush mount (normal for inside-mounted), window needs to be set into architrave by at least 60mm.

Front Roller
Back Roller

Measure width at the top of the window. Measure drop on the left side of window.

Choose which side controls are to go on - left or right.

Outside Mount

Outside-mounted roller blinds are normally back-rolled to ensure the fabric stays close to the architrave - for maximum privacy and light control.

Front Roller
Back Roller

Measure the width from the left edge of the left architrave to the right edge of the right architrave at the top of window frame.

Measure the drop from the top of the top architrave to the bottom of the bottom architrave. This measurement may be increased if you want blind to drop past the bottom of window frame or to floor.

Choose which side controls are to go on - left or right.

Linked (Multiple) Blinds

If your window frame has three equal width panels, measure the overall width and just divide by three. Measure the drop as per the instruction above. If sliding door or window panels are not equal, measure each panel separately.