Roman Shade Blinds


Roman shades/ roman blinds add classical style to a room and are still popular as a fabric shade in the Mediterranean where they originated. They are great for covering big glass areas economically and can be used with - or instead of - curtains. When fully drawn, they allow a totally unhindered view

Economical alternative or classy complement to curtains

Roman blinds can be a simpler, cheaper, fabric shade option instead of curtains. They can also go very nicely with the right style of curtains – for example light plain delicate curtains. Our roman shades are made to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit to your windows.

Easy to install, clean, and maintain

Roman shades are simple and easy for customers to install themselves. Cleaning is also straightforward as the blinds are relatively simple and accessible. Unlike curtains, they don’t fade unevenly in spots.

Range of roman blinds available

We offer a range of conventional roman blinds plus a few variants such as Relaxed Swagged roman blinds. They are all available with chain drive or cord control.

Romatech® - superior technology for a finer finish

Romatech® is our special type of roman blind made with unique aluminium extrusion technology which avoids fabric snagging, torn lining, or batten misalignment. It has no stitch holes and gives nice fine lines.

Other types of European blinds we offer

As well as roman blinds, we also have other European blinds:

  • London blinds
  • Austrian and frilled Austrian blinds
  • Festoon blinds

Huge range of blind fabrics to fit your interiors

Our roman blinds are made from a virtually unlimited range of attractive fabric colours and patterns to suit your décor. Our suppliers can deliver formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, european, florals, abstracts, fashion stripes and patterns, neutrals etc - covering a wide variety of NZ tastes.

Key Features

  • Cord control or chain drive
  • Suitable with or without curtains
  • Easy to lift, installed in minutes with complete instructions
  • Perfect fit roman blinds based on your measurements
  • Complete covering of windows for full light control


Roman blind operation

  • Cord or chain drive control: Choice of left or right hand side control

Roman blind size

  • Minimum width: 300 mm
  • Maximum width: 4,000 mm
  • Maximum drop: 3,000 mm

Roman blind components

  • Installation items included:
    End-brackets, screws, mid-support brackets if required for wider blinds, control cords (or chain drive)
  • Fabric: Virtually any fabric can be used including roller blind fabric
  • Cord: Platted (braided)
  • Chain drive: Plastic or steel

Roman blind cleaning

  • Remove dust from roman shades with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  • Clean roman shades with drycleaning